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Our selection of Roll on bottles products span the range from small capacity 5ml (1/6oz) to 28ml (1oz).  Roll on Bottles are available in traditional cylindrical shapes and classic rectangular shapes.  The small size roll on bottles are well suited for travel and  for promotion and sampling of products.  Unique colored glass bottles and plastic bottles with roll on applicators are also available.

  Customizing Perfume Atomizers  

Roll on bottles can be easily customized to make an exclusive product for your promotional or sampling requirements. The glass and plastic bottles can be screen printed or have labels applied on them. We have equipment that can fill bottles precisely, label them and cap them.  Our flexible operation allows small contract packaging runs.  Depending on the customization required, you can request as few as 200 pieces of each item.

Contract Filling and Packaging
We can fill our Roll on bottles and package them to send you a complete product.

The basic processes involved are: 
Selection of bottle
Screen printing or labeling of bottles
Filling of bottle
Capping of bottle
Packing into trays or individual boxes
Shipping final product
Packaging Options

We have designed and created gift boxes specially for roll on bottles.  Boxes are available in many different colors and designs.  Please view the various boxes in the perfume bottles accessories section on  You could also use velvet bags to package the bottle in.

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